Smart Tips for Hunting Discounts at Online Stores Ahead of Eid

Berikut Smart Tips for Hunting Discounts at Online Stores Ahead of Eid
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Holding various promos and discounts ahead of the holiday season or holidays such as Eid, has become a tradition for most online stores. At moments like this, it is usually the right time for us to hunt for groceries.

However, before forgetting yourself with the various discounts and promos offered by the online store, it’s a good idea to pay attention to some smart tips for hunting discounts from the team. Telset.

Armed with these online Eid promo hunting tips, it is guaranteed that you will be able to shop carefully and safely, without worrying about unwanted things. Come on, see the tips, friend!


1. Look for the Eid Promo Program

Hunt for Eid online discounts

Various e-commerce are presenting promos ahead of Eid, even since the beginning of Ramadan. Usually, promos are held on certain days and hours. In order to participate in hunting for discounts at online stores, make sure you don’t miss it so you can get the best price for the product you want.

If necessary, set an alarm to get Eid promos that are presented at certain hours. That way, the opportunity to get the best price is wide open.

2. Check Product Reviews and Seller Ratings

online promotional discounts

Before buying the desired product, make sure you have checked reviews the item. See testimonials from buyers regarding the product you want to buy. Even if it is offered at a discounted price, if the product is not of good quality what is the point.

Besides reviews Regarding the goods, also check the rating from the seller. Make sure you buy the product from a seller who has a high rating and has a good reputation. That way you are not disappointed when you buy, such as being deceived by offers or a slow response in shipping goods.

3. Pay attention to discounted prices

Hunt for discounts online

Discounts, aka price cuts, are of course the things consumers want the most. But don’t just get hung up on the discount promos offered by online stores, pay close attention to the discount prices that are presented, and what is the final price of the product. Don’t be tempted by big discounts, but it turns out that the final price offered is still the same as the market price.

4. Check the Next Store

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Of course not just one e-commerce which offers Eid discount promos. In fact, it is almost certain that all e-commerce also offer similar promos on holidays.

So, before buying a product, make sure you have checked the prices on all of them e-commerce. Make sure you get the most affordable price and the most appropriate product to own.

5. Use Promo Vouchers

online promotion tips

To increase your profits when hunting for online discounts, you can use the various promos offered e-commerce the. For example, free shipping vouchers and discounted prices. That way, the profit when shopping will be more, and the costs incurred can be less.


6. Diligent Social Media Stalking

Tips for Hunting Ramadan Discounts

Social media applications, such as Instagram and TikTok, are often used by e-commerce to provide information about Ramadan promos. Therefore, make sure you are diligent about stalking on social media to find out interesting Eid promos.

These Eid promo tips can be done by following the official accounts of online shopping applications such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Blibli and so on. Who knows there are interesting promo programs that only exist on social media.

7. Take Many Ramadan Quiz

Ramadan Quiz

The last tip for hunting online Eid discounts is to take lots of Ramadan quizzes. Usually e-commerce partners take advantage of features Live Shopping to provide a variety of Ramadan quizzes to customers.

The goal is to enliven the moment of Ramadan, as well as invite consumers to shop at their place. The prizes range from price discounts to the products they sell. So don’t miss the various quizzes!

So, those were smart tips for hunting discounts at online stores ahead of Eid that you can practice. Happy shopping. [HBS]