Causes of Laptops Can’t Play Games and How to Overcome Them

Berikut Causes of Laptops Can’t Play Games and How to Overcome Them
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – When a laptop can’t be used to play games, you’re bound to be abysmal. Understandably, playing games is one of the “important needs” after you face work or school assignments as well as lectures.

A laptop is a device that can be used as a tool to play games to “refresh your mind”.

Currently, there are many games that can be played on a laptop. Starting from console emulators, light games like Age of Empires and Game House, to heavy games like Call of Duty and GTA V.

However, there are times when the portable computer that you use cannot be used to play games like a gaming laptop. What caused it?

Here’s the team Telset will explain the reasons why the laptop cannot be used to play games, including how to overcome this.


Causes of Laptops Cannot Be Used to Play Games

At least, there are 4 reasons why the laptop can’t play games. Starting from the specification factor, internet connection, until it is related to the original game. Here’s the explanation:

1. Inadequate Specifications

Causes of Laptops Cannot Be Used to Play Games

The first cause that might make you unable to play games in the laptop is insufficient specifications.

Case in point, you want to play heavy games like GTA V or FIFA 2020. However, the laptop specifications are only an older generation Intel i5 processor with an Nvidia GT920M discrete GPU, 4GB RAM, and 500GB HDD type storage memory.

With these specifications, you can’t play games that are considered heavy. If possible, maybe the quality of the game will be reduced to low and the game will not run properly.

2. Can’t Buy Original Games

Causes of Laptops Cannot Be Used to Play Games

If this is the cause, maybe it comes from external. Yup! One of the reasons why your laptop cannot be used to play games is because the games you want are priced at a high price.

Currently there are many ways to install pirated games. However, this method is illegal and may contain harmful viruses or malware.

Apart from that, we also have to respect the developers who have worked hard to develop games.

Unfortunately, when you want to buy the game you want on Steam, for example, the price of the game is still too expensive. It certainly makes us “think twice” before buying the game.

3. Slow Internet Connection

Causes of Laptops Cannot Be Used to Play Games

This applies when you want to play online games. A good internet connection is a requirement that must be met before playing online games.

If the connection is slow, let alone LOS or completely dead, it is certain that you cannot play any online games on your favorite laptop.

4. Broken Laptop

Causes of Laptops Cannot Be Used to Play Games

The last thing that definitely makes the laptop unable to play games is because the computer has been damaged.

There are various causes, such as getting splashed with water, banging or falling, and various other reasons that you might not want to experience.

How to Overcome a Laptop Can’t Be Used to Play Games

The next question is, how do you deal with a laptop that can’t be used to play your favorite games? Take it easy, because the team Telset will give 7 ways to deal with this problem.

But before that, there’s one thing we should know. Not all laptops are suitable for playing games, especially large and heavy ones.

This is because each device has a different function when viewed from its main specifications. If you want to play any game without any problems, then look for the best gaming laptop with high specifications.

So, here are 7 ways to deal with a laptop that can’t be used to play games. Let’s see!

1. Close Unneeded Applications

The first way to deal with a lagging laptop that cannot be used to play games is to close active or background applications that are not important and interfere with laptop performance.

How to Overcome a Laptop Can't Be Used to Play Games

You can see the application by right-clicking on the taskbar and clicking TaskManager. Right-click on an unimportant application, and press the button EndTask.

2. Set Game Graphics

Just like the best mobile games on Android, you can also set the basic graphics of the game you want to play. Several settings that can be adjusted such as FPS, graphics, resolution, windowed mode, and others.

How to Overcome a Laptop Can't Be Used to Play Games
One example of setting graphics in the game Seal Online Blade of Destiny

You can manage all of these settings to get the best performance results. We recommend, if there is a graphics mode, just use low or medium settings if your laptop is powerful enough.

3. Limit Usage Time

Things You Should Not Do on a Laptop
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Laptops also need a break. Sometimes, when you use it for too long, the laptop’s performance will decrease and tend to lag.

When you use a laptop to play games, it’s a good idea to give your laptop about 30 minutes of rest. This is done so that the laptop does not experience overheating and excessive workload.

You can also see the article about 10 things that should not be done on a laptop.

4. Use Game Booster

How to record Windows 10 PC game gameplay
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Like HP Gaming on Android, your laptop can also be paired with a game booster application. This application is useful for speeding up gaming performance by automatically closing various unnecessary background applications.

Applications of this kind also usually provide various options for automatic system settings and tuning. Some game booster applications that you can try include Game Mode built into Windows 10, Nvidia GeForce Experience, AMD OverDrive, Game Fire 6, Wise Game Booster, and others.

5. Turn off Antivirus

Lightweight Antivirus for PC

You can try this step or not. If you want to try it, do with your own risk aka try at your own risk!

Antivirus usually also slows down the performance of your laptop. This is because system resources will be allocated to antivirus programs running in the background.

Therefore, turning off the antivirus can be a solution that you can try. However, by turning off security applications, of course your laptop will be in a position that is vulnerable to viruses or malware.

6. System or Driver Update

You also don’t forget to update the operating system or hardware drivers on the laptop.

This is because updates usually bring an increase in laptop performance and also function so that the OS can still interact perfectly with related hardware.

The method is really easy. For OS, just open it Settings > Updates & Security. Then enter Windows Update.

How to Overcome a Laptop Can't Be Used to Play Games

Meanwhile, for driver updates, search DeviceManager via the search bar next to the Windows logo. Right click on the related hardware or system, and press Update Drivers.

7. Service Laptops

How to Overcome a Laptop Can't Be Used to Play Games

If your laptop has hardware damage so that it cannot be used to play games, you should take it to the nearest trusted laptop service location.

There are several problems that can occur, such as VGA and BIOS. If both are damaged, the laptop’s performance will certainly not be as stable as before.

So, that was the cause and how to overcome the laptop can not be used to play games. We also recommend that before playing the game you want, first look at the capabilities of your own laptop.

Is your laptop strong enough to play heavy games or can you only play light games? Hopefully this is useful, bro! (HBS)