Digital Signatures in Microsoft 365 Can Be Directly on HP

Berikut Digital Signatures in Microsoft 365 Can Be Directly on HP
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Microsoft has now announced a new feature in Microsoft 365 applications, namely digital signatures for PDF files which can now be done on the user’s cellphone.

In today’s fast-paced era, mobile devices are becoming indispensable tools for increasing productivity on the move.

Microsoft has also responded to user requests for easy document management by bringing a PDF signing feature to Microsoft 365 applications.

According to Gizmochina, this digital signature feature for PDF files is present through the latest software update for users who subscribe to the Microsoft 365 Insider program.


Thanks to this new feature, users can easily sign important PDF files only through iOS or Android-based devices, this makes it easier for users without the need to access desktops or additional tools.

Now, users can easily sign important PDF documents from their iOS and Android devices, eliminating the need for desktop access or external tools.

The process of signing a PDF file in Microsoft 365 is very easy, users only need to open the PDF file, continue to navigate to the other section and select the option to sign PDF.

Microsoft 365 Mobile Digital Signature

This process directs the user to the desired location in the document that requires a signature. Then by simply clicking generate, users can create their own unique signature and apply it directly to the PDF file.

This simplified approach ensures a hassle-free experience and makes it easier for users to complete important tasks while on the move.

Users can take advantage of this feature to sign various documents, whether tax documents, lease agreements, contracts, or other important PDF files.

Additionally, the integration of this feature into Microsoft 365 applications signifies the company’s dedication to ensuring the best experience across its platforms.

By providing consistent functionality across iOS and Android, Microsoft emphasizes its commitment to inclusiveness and user convenience.


With this new feature across iOS and Android devices, Microsoft has empowered mobile users to stay in product while they’re on the go.

Meanwhile, this feature also simplifies the signing process, making it easier than ever to sign PDF documents right from your mobile device. [FY/HBS]