Facebook Messenger Leaves Apple Watch Starting June 1, 2023

Berikut Facebook Messenger Leaves Apple Watch Starting June 1, 2023
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Facebook Messenger will leave the Apple Watch, starting June 1, 2023. It is suspected that Meta, the parent company of Facebook Messenger, deliberately deleted its application on the Watch because it wanted to increase revenue from advertising.

quoted Telset from Gizmochina on Friday (12/05/2023), the announcement came via a secret notification in the Apple Watch app, so that many users were not aware of it.

This news is also a blow to Messenger users who are used to accessing it through Apple’s smart watch. The reason is they can send and receive messages easily without having to access the iPhone.

In addition, users can also make posts and upload photos directly from their Apple Watch, making it more practical and saving time. A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed that the policy to remove Messenger on the Apple Watch is correct and started on June 1, 2023.


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This only applies to the Apple Watch, so Messenger can still be accessed via the iPhone app, desktop, or website. Watch users also still receive notifications of incoming Messenger messages from the Watch, but must use an iPhone to open messages.

Speculation about the motives behind Facebook Messenger’s decision to leave Watch may be financially related. It looks like either Facebook or Meta, as the parent company, want to maximize ad revenue on Messenger.

The hope is that by removing the Apple Watch app, users will spend more time on the Facebook Messenger app via iPhone leading to an increase in ad impressions.

Moreover, this strategic move is in line with Meta’s goal to generate higher revenue from advertising. This speculation sounds logical, considering that in 2023 Meta wants to increase ad revenue in the applications it manages, such as Facebook Messenger, which has many users.


It’s just that this policy seems sudden and does not think about user comfort. It is possible that instead of increasing advertising revenue, Messenger will lose users, especially from Apple Watch owners. [NM/HBS]