Follow in the footsteps of Telegram, WhatsApp Creates Animated Emoji Feature

Berikut Follow in the footsteps of Telegram, WhatsApp Creates Animated Emoji Feature
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – WhatsApp is building an animated emoji feature on the platform. Previously, this feature that was able to display emoji in a more interactive manner already existed in Telegram.

According to the site report WA Beta Info, WhatsApp is developing animated emoji using the Lottie library. The feature is still under development in WhatsApp Desktop beta.

Apart from Desktop, WhatsApp is working on bringing the same feature to future WhatsApp beta updates for iOS and Android.

“This feature has been seen during the development of WhatsApp Desktop beta and will be released in a future application update,” writes WA Beta Info Telset quote from the site on Friday (21/04/2023).

The form of the animated emoji that is being developed is also displayed by WA Beta Info. Looks like screenshots below that the Party Horn and Party Hat emoji bounce and rotate a full 360 degrees.

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WA Beta Animated Emoji Info

“Improving emoji in this application will definitely improve the user experience when sending messages to make messages more fun and communicate feelings more effectively,” continued WA Beta Info.

Even if it’s not rolled out yet, animated emoji will be sent by default when animated versions of the emoji become widely available so users don’t have control over turning off animations.

The animated emoji feature on WhatsApp sounds great, but it’s nothing new. WhatsApp’s competitor application, Telegram, has long had an animated emoji feature, so Telegram users have experienced it first.

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Even Telegram provides several emojis that are specifically given to paid users, aka premium. Soapart from the similarity of features with Telegram, the presence of animated emoji on WhatsApp can certainly make user interactions more interesting.

This is because the sticker will automatically move when sent via private or group chat so that it can enliven the chat. Let’s just wait when WhatsApp will introduce its newest emoji feature to users. [NM/IF]