Forza Motorsport Has Audio Cue Features for Blind Gamers

Berikut Forza Motorsport Has Audio Cue Features for Blind Gamers
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studio is currently testing some of the game’s accessibility features, one of which is audio cues for people with disabilities.

Specifically, the latest features of this latest racing game are intended for blind and wednesday gamers to be able to enjoy car racing simulations in Forza Motorsport with Audio cues.

quoted Telset of Engadget, the developers of Turn 10 spent about two years creating Blind Driving Assist with the help of accessibility consultant Brandon Cole, who is also blind and other blind and low-vision gamers.


This feature offers additional audio cues to help player navigation. para gamers persons with disabilities will receive audible information on such matters as track position and orientation, and their approach and progress in each corner.

Players will also learn details about the capabilities and specifications of the available cars, including the required deceleration level and when to change gears if using a manual transmission.

In a video showing off the feature and detailing the development of this feature, Cole notes that the steering guidance option moves the engine sound and tire sound left or right, depending on the direction to be turned. gamers.

When the feature is activated it will also notify players when they are approaching the edge of the track. Cole further said that, with the help of this feature, he can win car racing competitions with other cars driven by AI technology.

Blind and wednesday gamers can preview audio cues in the accessibility menu. They’ll hear an in-depth description of what each gesture means, thanks to the inclusion of a customizable screen narrator.

Users can independently enable and disable each set of cues, and they will be able to change their pitch and volume. Although, it may take some time for players to get used to this feature, it is very useful for people with disabilities to play Forza Motorsport.

In addition, there are also more general accessibility features such as full controller remapping, color blind filters and customizable subtitles along with a One Touch Driving feature which allows players to adjust braking, steering and throttle assist to minimize the number of simultaneous inputs required.


Gamers can activate assists as much as they like. Turn 10 teamed up with players with reduced mobility and stamina to create One Touch Driving, aimed at those who find it difficult to hold down buttons or press buttons on the controller simultaneously.

Forza Motorsport is scheduled to be released in late 2023 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and on PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam platforms.