How to Post Animated GIFs to Facebook, The Easiest Way!

Berikut How to Post Animated GIFs to Facebook, The Easiest Way!
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Love seeing animated GIF posts on Facebook, and wondering how to upload them? Relax, we will tell you the complete guide.

Sharing just a smiley or a meme is not enough to describe how you feel on Facebook. Try to upload more fun and interesting GIF animations to share on social media.

How to post animated GIFs to Facebook is very easy to do. However, attaching them is different from how you normally upload photos to your Facebook feed.

Well, team Telset as usual will provide easy ways to do many things, including uploading GIF images to Facebook. Listen carefully, okay!


What are GIFs?

How to post GIFs on Facebook
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Before getting into the main topic, we will explain a little about animated GIFs. Do you know what GIFs are?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchangeable Format, which is a short looping animation without sound. So, GIF is a short animated image that rotates repeatedly.

When compared to videos, GIFs are a very small format and can be viewed/played even with a slow internet connection.

How to Upload GIFs to Facebook

We will share two ways to upload animated GIFs to Facebook. The reason is, you can upload animated GIFs to feeds or comments from statuses uploaded by you or friends.

Here’s how to create and upload gifs to Facebook that you can try:

1. How to Post GIFs to Facebook Feed

  • Step 1: Open Facebook on your smartphone or through a browser on a PC or laptop.
  • Step 2: Then, press What’s on your mind? and press Add to your post in the below section.
  • Step 3: Select an option GIFs at the very bottom.
  • Step 4: Find the animated GIF you want to upload. Facebook works closely with various providers of animated GIFs on the internet, so of course the library of animations is huge.
  • Step 5: The GIF search process depends on the keywords you provide. For example “Stay Healthy”. Automatically, the GIF that appears will match the keywords you are looking for.

How to post GIFs on Facebook

  • Step 6: Select the animated GIF, and press Post.

2. How to Post GIFs to Comments

  • Step 1: Select the status you want to comment on. In the Write a commentselect a button GIFs on the right-hand side (desktop) or the far-left side (mobile app).

How to post GIFs on Facebook

  • Step 2: Like the previous method, search for animation according to the keywords you want.
  • Step 3: Select the animated GIF, and post it to the Facebook comments.

Finished! Those are the steps and how to post animated GIFs on Facebook feeds and comments very easily. Hope this helps and good luck, friend! [HBS]