15 Best Online Game Cheat Applications, Definitely Auto Win!

Berikut 15 Best Online Game Cheat Applications, Definitely Auto Win!
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Telset.id – If you play the best online games, of course you will recognize the cheat application. The game hack application on Android that is usually used by cheaters is indeed annoying and at the same time populer with gamers. Why is that?

Game cheat or hack applications on Android usually modify a number of online or offline game elements to benefit the player.

For example, making coins unlimited, endless character health, unlocking locked items, and so on. But the impact, the game cheat apk will also “destroy” the game slowly.

Though, playing games on smartphones Android is a boredom buster activity that is loved by so many people in the world, including in Indonesia.

But still, many gamers are “forced” to use game hacker applications for the sake of their pleasure in playing games on smartphones Androids.

The question is, what game hacker applications are usually used by gamers? Wellhere are the 12 best online game cheat applications commonly used by cheaters and gamers. Check this out!


1. CreeHack

CreeHack is the android game hack app you need if you want to enjoy playing tons of games on your Android device for free. Naturally, many video games require you to make a purchase if you want to enjoy all of the game’s features.

With this cheater app, you can bypass all limitations and then enjoy your favorite games without having to make any purchases. Apart from that, you can cheat some game items like lives, levels, and coins for free.

The best online game hack cheater application

The features of this online game hacker application are:

  • Can bypass all requirements for app purchases.
  • Allows unlimited In-App purchases.
  • No root required.
  • Compatible for almost all applications.

2. Leo Play Card

Leo PlayCard is another online game cheater app for Android that lets you play tons of games for free. This no-root game hack application similar to CreeHack comes with inbuilt card which you can use for free on Google play.

Leo PlayCard is also better than most other online game hacker apks because it doesn’t require rooting.

The best online game hack cheater application
Leo Play Card

The advantages of this Android online game cheat application are as follows:

  • Can bypass all requirements for app purchases.
  • Allows unlimited In-App purchases.
  • No root required.
  • Compatible for almost all applications.

3. HackerBot APK

Then, there is the HackerBot APK application. Basically HackerBot APK is not a tool for cheaters to hack the Android games they play.

HackerBot APK is precisely the place to look for game mods from trusted sites. Various applications or games that have been modified are available here and can work well on devices without root.

The best online game hack cheater application
HackerBot APK

HackerBot APK Features:

  • Search feature to search for mod apps or games.
  • Free to download.
  • Only recommend trusted sites and ad-free.

4. GameGuardian

The next Android game hack application is Game Guardian. Android cheaters usually use this application to get various advantages from games that are played in a short and easy way.

This game hack APK allows gamers to edit the number of coins in the game to be unlimited or open locked items easily and for free.

Unfortunately, for ordinary users, Game Guardian is quite difficult to use. Like Cheat Engine on a PC, this online game breaker application requires users to understand programming languages ​​and root access first.

The best online game hack cheater application
Guardian Game

Pros of Game Guardian:

  • Can work well for online or offline games.
  • UI can be understood, although you must understand the programming language first.

5. Lulubox

Lulubox is quite populer among gamers who like to use applications to hack Android games. This application allows its users to get various interesting items or weapon skins for free.

But before using it, gamers must first use a VPN application. This is because Lulubox cannot run in the Indonesian region. As a reward, there are many online games that can be “modified” using this one of the best cheat applications.

The best online game hack cheater application

Key Features:

  • Can modify the game to get items for free.
  • Can be used in populer offline or online games.

6. Lucky Patcher

Who here doesn’t know the name of the Lucky Patcher online game hack application. This application for cheating all games is the best and most populer game cheat tool on Android.

Many gamers like Lucky Patcher, moreover, this cheat application can also be used on devices without root access. With these apps, you can convert paid apps into free and full versions.

Unfortunately, Lucky Patcher has some drawbacks. For example, when a game or application ispatches has been updated, the mod implanted by Lucky Patcher is no longer valid.

Then, not all games or applications can also be “modified” using this populer Android hacker application.

The best online game hack cheater application
Lucky Patcher

Pros of Lucky Patcher:

  • Modding easy and fast application.
  • There is a feature that can remove ads in the application.
  • Make paid apps into free versions.

7. MacroDroid

The next game hack application is MacroDroid. If you play online games, the MacroDroid application can be the best cheat tool.

This application for online Android game cheats allows gamers to create bots that work automatically to run their characters in the game. So, they just stay AFK and the game will play automatically.

The best online game hack cheater application

MacroDroid features:

  • Carry out automatic commands in the form of bots.
  • Safe enough from banned accounts.

8. Freedom APK

The next best online game cheat application is Freedom APK. Even though it is necessary to root Android before using it, this application has complete game hack tools.

Gamers can get paid items for free. For offline game players, the Freedom APK can also be used to get a variety of difficult or locked items that can only be obtained by buying them.

The best online game hack cheater application
Freedom APK

Pros of Freedom APK:

  • Can purchase paid items for free.
  • Supports a number of populer Android apps and games.

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9. Xmod Games

Xmod Games was initially populer among CoC players aka Clash of Clans, even though it was very risky to get banned. This application has a mod feature that allows gamers to get unlimited items or coins.

Although it is very easy to use, Xmod requires root access first. In addition, the application can only be used for offline games at this time.

The best online game hack cheater application
Xmod Games

Pros of Xmod Games:

  • Can do mods on the game.
  • Easy to use and suitable for novice users.

10. Cheat Engine

The best online game cheat application used by cheaters is Cheat Engine. Much like a PC, the application will scan the values ​​or values ​​in the game, and gamers just have to change the values ​​as desired.

This application also carries the features found in the Cheat Engine application on a PC. So, gamers just need to take advantage of these tools to get instant pleasure when playing their favorite games.

The best online game hack cheater application
Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine Features:

  • Performs a quick value scan to commit modding.
  • Change the value in an easy way.
  • There are tutorials that are easy to understand.

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11.SB Game Hacker

Then, there is SB Game Hacker which also has Cheat Engine style features. This best cheat application makes it easy for gamers to change values ​​or values ​​in offline or online games that are played.

Apart from that, SB Game Hacker can also be used without root access. Just select the game you want to play, and change the value to get unlimited items or coins.

SB Game Hacker
SB Game Hacker

Pros of SB Game Hacker:

  • Cheat Engine-like features.
  • Easy to use for beginners or casual gamers.

12. City of Pekalongan

The last list of Android game hacker applications is Cit Pekalongan. This application was initially populer among Point Black players, aka PB, in internet cafes.

But now, Cit Pekalongan has also entered the world of Android games and has become one of the best online game cheat applications at the moment.

Even though they are at risk of getting banned, gamers can freely install various cheats that benefit them while playing. For example, aimbot, wallhacks, headshotand so forth.

City of Pekalongan
City of Pekalongan

Pekalongan City Features:

  • Support on populer Android games.
  • Cheats are always updated by the developer.

13. Game Killer

Game Killer
Game Killer

Another cheater application for hacking Android online games is Game Killer. As the name implies, this application is useful for those of you who want to hack or cheat games on smartphones Android without having to be confused and complicated.

The advantage is that the application can be used even if your cellphone is not rooted. Then, several populer Android games can also be “pirated” using this application, such as Innotia, Final Fantasy, and so on.

Pros of Game Killer:

  • No need to root
  • Support Android populer games
  • Tools are easy to understand

14. Slash Game Buster Pro Android

Slash Game Buster Pro Android
Slash Game Buster Pro Android

It functions much like Cheat Engine, in that you can change the values ​​or data in the game to your advantage. For example, when you want to change the status of certain items or skills to make them more powerful than usual.

However, you must first root your cellphone so that the application can run optimally.

Slash Game Buster Pro Android Features:

  • Has abilities similar to Cheat Engine
  • Many values ​​or values ​​that can be changed easily

15. Xxzhushou APK

Xxzhushou APK
Xxzhushou APK

Finally, there is Xxzhushou APK made by a Chinese developer which allows you to add mods to Android online games. One of the Android online games that you can hack with this application is Clash of Clans aka COC.

By adding mods, you can add diamonds, coins, and so on to make the game easier and increase your chances of winning matches.

Pros of Xxzhushou APK:

  • Simple display
  • Small size, does not burden the performance of the cellphone
  • Support some populer Android online games

So, that’s the best Android game cheat application that is usually used by offline or online game players. Here, we only provide information about online game hacker applications on Android.

Of course, we advise you not to use cheats for all games. If you want to continue using the cheater application, do with your own risk aka at your own risk! (MF)