How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story

Berikut How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Status on WhatsApp can now be shared automatically to Facebook Story. That way one post that you make can be shared on 2 platforms at the same time, namely WhatsApp and Facebook.

As is known, Status is a feature that many WhatsApp users use. The goal is to share the latest information in the form of text, photos, videos and later it will be posted after 24 hours.

In the past, Status posts could only be seen by other WhatsApp users. However, the short message application presents an updated Status feature so that Status on WhatsApp can be seen by Facebook users.

This means that when you post a Status on WhatsApp, the content will automatically appear on your Facebook account, specifically on Story. Actually, similar features have existed on Instagram and Facebook for a long time.

The concept remains the same, which is when an Instagram user shares a Story, the Story content can also be shared on Facebook Story.


How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook

The feature of sharing WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story is available for all users, including those in Indonesia. So no you can try it on smartphones You.

However, before using this feature, make sure you have the Facebook application on your smartphone and are logged in. Additionally update or updates WhatsApp to the latest version on PlayStore or App Store.

  • Open the WhatsApp application and select it Status.

WhatsApp Statuses

  • Please create Status content as you wish, whether in the form of photos, videos or text only, by pressing the stationery or camera symbols at the bottom of the application.

WA Facebook

  • After the Status is finished, post it by pressing the green paper airplane sign at the bottom right.

WhatsApp Facebook Statuses

  • Next, return to the Status page and a feature will appear Share to Facebook Stories. Click on the feature and you will be directed to the Facebook application.

Facebook Stories

  • On Facebook, you can add stickers, text, music, effects to images to enhance your content.
  • Last step, click Share and the Status will also appear on Facebook Story.

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This is information about how to share WA Status to Facebook Story. Hopefully useful and good luck. [NM/HBS]