Google Meet Now Comes with 1080p Video Resolution

Berikut Google Meet Now Comes with 1080p Video Resolution
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Google Meet offers a smoother video conferencing display, by presenting 1080p or Full HD video resolution to provide user convenience when conducting online meetings.

quoted Telset from Engadget on Friday (28/04/2023), so far the maximum quality of Google Meet videos has only reached 720p. But at the end of this month Meet provides a sharper video display with 1080p resolution.

This update brings Google Meet up to par with its rivals, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which already offer calling in full HD. Unfortunately, the Google Meet video Full HD feature cannot be used by all users.

This update has limited coverage, as the 1080p video feature is only available in the web version, requires a 1080p capable camera and is only limited to 2 person meetings.


Then 1080p video is only available for paid versions of Google Meet, such as Google Workspace Business Standard or Plus and Enterprise Starter, Standard, Plus, and Essential. Google One subscribers can also access higher resolution if they have at least 2 TB of storage on their device.

Eligible customers must manually increase their resolution in Google Meet, as it is disabled by default. The process is quite simple, when you enter a new Google Meet video call, the feature will appear from the change button with a three vertical dot symbol.

The button says “Let people see you in Full HD” and is next to information about updates. Please activate this feature and the video resolution will change.


You can also change the resolution at any time by clicking on the same button, then settings, then video and select the video resolution option as you wish. For those who are curious and meet these requirements, please open your Google Meet and try video conferencing for yourself with 1080p resolution.[NM/HBS[NM/HBS