Meta Builds an AI-Based Tool to Create Ad Content

Berikut Meta Builds an AI-Based Tool to Create Ad Content
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Meta is increasingly innovating with technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) generative, as the company recently announced it is developing AI-based tools that can be used to create ad content.

A select group of advertisers will be invited to experiment with the tool in a testing playground which Meta calls the AI ​​Sandbox. Meta executives declined to specify how many advertisers would have access to the space only that they would fit in a small group.

quoted Telset from Gadgets 360 on Monday (15/05/2023), the AI-based tool developed by Meta will make it easier for other companies to create advertisements because AI can make content such as image backgrounds and variations of written text more optimally.


Meta plans to give access to these AI tools to more advertisers in July 2023 and integrate some of the features into ad products by the end of 2023.

Previously Meta created sophisticated AI models. Unlike other AI technologies, Meta’s innovation does not require training and is capable of detecting new objects that have never been seen or recognized.

The AI ​​model called “Segment Anything” is equipped with technology that can detect objects in images and videos, even if they are not part of the training set.

This AI Meta model can be downloaded with a non-commercial license. This means creators can’t use it for product development. However, it may be used for research and expanding access to technology.

Meta’s ambition to develop generative AI is inseparable from the ChatGPT phenomenon created by OpenAI and Microsoft at the end of 2022.


Additionally Meta’s announcement of an AI-based advertising tool comes a day after top digital advertising rival Google Alphabet said it would begin offering integration of its AI chatbot technology named Bard within its search, email and photo products. [NM/HBS]