Meta Reveals Three Priority Areas in 2023, One of which is Reels

Berikut Meta Reveals Three Priority Areas in 2023, One of which is Reels
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Jakarta – Meta admits that he will focus on three priority areas in 2023, in order to help grow business and industry in Indonesia. The three areas include Reels, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Business Messaging.

To note, the community on Meta has continued to grow for 20 years until it reaches 3 billion people worldwide who use at least 1 of the Meta applications every day, and 3.8 billion every month. Business people become one of the important communities for the company.

This is because business people are increasingly connected and meet a wider range of opportunities and customers through features that can support business travel.

Pieter Lydian, Country Director of Meta Indonesia, said through an official statement, as part of the #MeetudiMeta business and community campaign, Meta is highlighting these three priority areas more closely.


“Businesses meet opportunities and connect with the right people on Meta platforms. We help them to be reached by more people and grow forward,” he said.

Three Meta Priority Areas in 2023

He added, the three focuses of this year’s Meta, namely Reels, AI, and Business Messaging, have become an important part of the growth of the community on Meta which has reached 3 billion people in the world – which ultimately drives more than 200 million business people of all sizes in the world. relies on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to build its business.

Reels are the most popular type of content by the community on the Meta platforms and are the fastest growing format in Asia Pacific, including Indonesia.

As of the Earning Calls Meta Q4 2022, the number of Reels watched has more than doubled, and the Reels content reshared by people on Facebook and Instagram has more than doubled compared to last year.

The growth of Reels is actually inseparable from the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide personal experiences for people. In Indonesia, based on findings from the Culture Rising Study, conversations about AI on Facebook and Instagram have increased by 169% compared to last year.

AI technology has also helped people to view Reels videos that are more personalized and according to their preferences. This personalization technology from AI drives people’s time consuming on Reels content on Instagram by 24%.

One of the breakthroughs made by Meta to help business people is by launching the Meta Advantage Suite in 2022. This is a collection of products that can simplify the steps of the ad creation process and connect advertisers or businesses with the right creative assets and the right audience, and at the right time.

Earlier this week, Meta just provided deeper insights into how companies are using AI to improve ad performance for businesses, including how to show the AI ​​Sandbox view for the first time to test AI capabilities for advertisers, a new feature in its ad tool automation package. Meta Advantage as well as further details on our infrastructure and the modeling investments that underlie it.

“In essence, actually business people on the Meta platform have used at least one product offered by Meta Advantage. This means that there are already millions of business people who have been assisted by AI technology to achieve their business targets,” continued Pieter.

The third focus is the role of Business Messaging to help business conversations business people have with their audiences. Currently, more than 1 billion people around the world connect with businesses through the Meta messaging application every week.

The Meta community in Indonesia is connected with various meaningful things, including with relevant business people, every day through messaging services.

According to data from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Meta in 2022, 82% of Indonesian adults message businesses at least once a week. And, 80% of Indonesian adults say they prefer to communicate with business people the same way they communicate with friends, family and co-workers, namely via messaging.


Meanwhile, another study from Forrester Consulting and Meta in December 2022 showed that Business Messaging products from Meta had a better impact of up to 61% compared to other communication channels that have been used so far.

In terms of sales for example, the value of orders from customers is 22.1% higher due to communication between sellers and buyers through business messaging.

“Two elements of the Business Messaging Meta for business people that can be considered are the Click to WhatsApp (CTWA) feature on advertisements which will help customers deal directly with businesses, and Marketing Messages which can strengthen the relationship between business people and loyal customers with a more personal approach. ” added Aldo Rambie, Vertical Lead for Meta in Indonesia.