Block Spam Emails in Gmail with This Simple Trick, Proven Effective!

Berikut Block Spam Emails in Gmail with This Simple Trick, Proven Effective!
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Every day, you may have to delete spam emails that come to your Gmail account. It is tiring and tedious work, isn’t it. Relax, we will provide tips on blocking spam emails in Gmail with simple tricks.

Every time you open your Gmail account, your inbox is filled with various spam from which it is unclear where it came from, containing promotional emails from brands that you have never subscribed to.

To delete them one by one manually, of course, is very tiring and will take your time. Even more annoying, sending spam emails to your Gmail email account will continue to “flow”, endlessly.

You don’t need to give up just yet to deal with annoying spam emails, because we have a powerful method that you can use to clean up spam in your Gmail inbox.

Not just one, but there are several ways to block Gmail spam emails that we will provide for you. Very easy and effective way to help you empty your inbox and make it spam free. Come on, follow the steps below.


1. Report Mass spam

Block gmail spam emails

  • Go to Gmail and select all the spam emails you want to unsubscribe from (make sure you don’t select any important email IDs).
  • Click the icon “I” at the top and you will be shown options for ‘Report spam’ or ‘Report spam and unsubscribe’.
  • Open the list of registered IDs and if nothing important is displayed here, select an option Report spam and unsubscribe.
  • You will now stop receiving email from this account.

2. Create a filter to detect spam emails

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Gmail account.
  • Find the gear icon in the right-hand corner, then click the > button Arrangement (Settings)
  • After that, click > View all settings (See all settings).

Block Spam Emails in Gmail with This Simple Trick, Proven Effective! 66

  • Find the section in the top bar, and select Options > Filters and blocked addresses (Filters and blocked addresses).

Block Spam Emails in Gmail with This Simple Trick, Proven Effective! 68

  • Select > Create a new filter (Create a new filter).
  • Find options “From” (From), then type the sender’s email address that you don’t want to include in Gmail’s spam filter.
  • Select > Create filters (Create filters).

Block Spam Emails in Gmail with This Simple Trick, Proven Effective! 70

  • Now you have to choose “Never send it to spam” (Never send it to spam). To ensure Gmail applies this setting to all email you receive from this sender, you must select “Also applies to matching messages” (Also apply to matching messages).
  • Click > Create filters (Create filters).
  • You are done to filter spam.

3. Use a temporary email ID

When sharing your main Gmail ID on any website, it happens that your email ID is shared with some third parties. This puts you at risk of receiving spam emails. Sometimes spam emails may seem genuine, and you may end up clicking on a link phishing which can put your personal information at risk among cyber demons.

Well, to fix this, you can change your main Gmail ID on all websites by using a temporary email ID. You can visit several sites that provide free temporary email IDs, such as

If you’ve got a temporary email ID, you can now use it instead of your real email ID anywhere you like. That way, those annoying spam emails will go to your temporary email ID.


Now, you yourself manage the use of your email ID when visiting certain sites. Only use your main email ID for important matters, such as work, school, etc.

Meanwhile, you can use a temporary email ID for non-essential matters, such as visiting certain sites, streaming, etc. This way, your primary Gmail account will remain secure and spam-free. Have a try! [HBS]