Note! 10 gadgets that must be brought when going home for Eid

Berikut Note! 10 gadgets that must be brought when going home for Eid
Yang terbaru kami bagikan untuk anda. Dapatkan informasi gadget terbaru hanya di – Unrealized, Eid will soon be here. As usual, the Muslim community in Indonesia will carry out the “annual ritual” of going home to their hometowns to be able to celebrate Eid with their families. So that your trip is comfortable, we recommend bringing it gadgets that must be brought when going home Eid.

For most people, going home to Lebaran is a tough struggle. As in previous years, the travelers had to deal with various complications.

Starting from hunting for tickets, crowding on buses or trains, fatigue from having to travel long distances up to tens of hours using private vehicles.

Because it is a mandatory ritual, whether you like it or not, careful preparations must be made before going home. Because for those whose hometowns are hundreds of kilometers away, the trip will feel quite long and maybe boring.

So that you don’t go out of style while on the trip, you have to prepare several gadgets for going home that must be brought. Well, we recommend a few gadgets what you have to prepare when going home for Eid. Anything? Come on, see the review.


1. Smartphones

Gadgets for commuting

Smartphones are now a device that is difficult to separate from human life. Likewise, when commuting smartphones it is very important for you to prepare.

Not only being a communication device, modern cellphones can now also be multi-functional, aka they can be used for many things. As for browsing Internet, street map pointer or mapsup to play games.

Because going home will take a long trip, of course you also have to prepare smartphones which has qualified capabilities, both in terms of complete features, and also a tough battery life.

2. Power bank

Now there are many cellphones with 6000 mAh batteries that can last up to dozens of hours, even for various heavy activities. But if the distance from your house to your hometown is hundreds of kilometers, then you definitely need it power bank practical for use on the go.

Gadgets for commutingThere are many powerbank best and cheap you can buy. In addition to its increasing capacity, now the capabilities of the power bank are even more capable, with a variety of advanced features.

Like for example features fast charging which allows users to charge quickly but also safely because of the battery and smartphones protected from over charge, or electric short circuit. The design is even more compact, aka smaller, making it easier for you to take it with you when you go home.

3. TWS earphones

TWS earphones

There’s nothing more enjoyable than listening to music while sitting relaxed in a train or car driving down the street when going home. Especially if the music is just for yourself.

So, TWS earphones are a mandatory choice that you have to prepare when going home. For those of you who have tight pockets, aka budget minimal, now there’s a lot anyway earphones Cheap quality TWS that you can get. But for those of you with deep pockets, you can buy AidPods-class TWS earphones that are more sophisticated and sound quality.

Armed with TWS earphones, you will be able to enjoy your trip more comfortably, because this device will be a pleasant companion while listening to your favorite music.

4. WiFi modems

Telkomsel Orbit MiFi N1

During your trip back and forth, of course you want to continue to be connected to the internet. Well that’s just for chat to inform parents of the travel situation at home, stream music, play games, until watching stream film.

Imagine, how this will drain the battery smartphones eventually. Not to mention if relatives or friends follow along tethering. Well, temporarily tethering through smartphones only work for a few people.

Therefore, we recommend that you bring a WiFi modem with you when you go home, because it can solve the problem of internet network availability. Not only 5 people, 10 people are also possible if you use a WiFi modem.

One of the WiFi modems that you can use is the Orbit MiFi N1 Modem from Telkomsel, which sells for IDR 600,000, and can be accessed from anywhere. Apart from that, there are some of the best 4G WiFi modems that we have recommended.

5. Car chargers

Car Chargers

Sockets are one of the other rare items that are sometimes very difficult to find when on a trip back and forth. Inevitably, fill smartphones in the car is also an option, for those of you who are going home with a private vehicle.

But imagine if a cell phone takes several hours to fully charge it, even though maybe you are traveling with several people, such as fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

Long time tocharge certainly not ideal. Unless there is car charger which can accommodate several smartphones at a time. Some of the advantages of the Car Charger are that it is equipped with 2 USB Type A ports which are more than capable of supporting maximum charging because they are able to charge the battery faster than chargers normal.


6. Travel Neck Pillows

Sleeping in a car or train when going home is unavoidable, especially if the destination is hundreds of kilometers away. As a result, the risk of a sore neck due to the wrong sleeping position becomes even more open.

Gadgets for commuting
Photo: GridOto

To avoid this, we may need a Travel Neck Pillow. Not only is it suitable for use when relaxing, this neck pillow can also be a reliable travel companion for those of you who are going home by private vehicle or train.

Equipped with buttons on the front, this will also make it easier for you to relax, because the position of the pillow will not move. Meanwhile, the very soft polyester material will create its own comfort when you use the Travel Neck Pillow as a support for your neck.

7. Mini Humidifiers

Mini Humidifiers

Lebaran homecoming makes us have to be in the vehicle for hours. Certainly makes the air condition in the car unhealthy, and can have a bad impact on health.

The solution to this problem is to use a Mini Humidifier. This convenient gadget to carry around is a humidifier that will spray water in the air so that the humidity inside the car is maintained.

Because, if the air in the car is too dry, it can have an irritating effect on the body, causing dry throat, coughing and so on.

8. Smartwatches

Gadgets for Mudik

A smartwatch for going home for Eid does not only provide information about the time. With its sophistication, this smart watch is able to track body health conditions such as heart rate, rest duration and calories burned.

Surely this is very good, because you will know how your health is. With a smartwatch, you can find out when it’s the right time to rest or continue your journey.

9. Suitcase Tracker

Homecoming Gadgets

This Eid homecoming gadget is suitable for those of you who travel using public transportation, such as planes, buses or trains. The reason is that there are often incidents where passengers lose luggage when traveling.

Therefore the luggage tracker device can be embedded in the suitcase, so you can track the position of the suitcase. This tool is usually put in a suitcase and integrated with an application on a smartphone so that it can monitor the position of the suitcase in real-time real-time.

There are several luggage tracker gadgets on the market, such as the Apple AirTag and the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag.

10. Children’s Tablets

children's tablets

Boredom often haunts children when going home. This is a challenge in itself for parents to give a pleasant impression when going on long trips such as Eid homecoming.

The solution to this problem is to provide special tablets for children. Unlike other tablets, tablets for children have educational games as well as features to keep children from getting addicted to gadgets or accessing adult content.

That way they can get various games or entertaining content, while parents can rest easy because their children don’t access negative content. One of the children’s tablets that we recommend is the Huawei MatePad SE Kids Edition, because it is specially designed for children and has a lot of child-friendly features.


Now, that was 10 gadgets which can be brought back to hometown. Hopefully this article is useful, and your journey back and forth will be more comfortable until you reach your destination. [HBS]