Overcome Mortgage, City Government of New York Distributes 500 Apple AirTags Free

Berikut Overcome Mortgage, City Government of New York Distributes 500 Apple AirTags Free
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – New York City (NYC) is giving away 500 Apple AirTags for free. New York city officials launched this program to assist in dealing with the increasing number of car theft cases in the city.

The gift of 500 smart trackers created by the Cupertino-based giant to help tackle New York’s high-profile car theft cases.

How not every year, there is an increase in cases of car theft by up to 13%. Therefore New York City Mayor Eric Adams decided to provide 500 AirTags to residents.

At the same time asking the New York Police Department or NYPD, further improve security so that cases of car theft are reduced.


quoted Telset from Gizmochina on Wednesday (03/05/2023), 500 AirTags were donated to residents through a non-profit organization called “Association for Better New York.”

In addition, Mayor Adams called the new Apple AirTag program “absolutely amazing intelligence.” So Adams hopes that the car embedded with the Apple AirTag can be tracked properly, if it becomes a victim of theft.

“AirTag will be hidden in the location of the car that someone is not aware of, so it becomes an excellent tracking device. Very easy to monitor. You can see in real time where the vehicle is,” said Adams.

Accordingly, the Head of the NYPD Department said that the police would also use drone technology to make it easier to track missing cars in the city nicknamed the Big Apple.

“The 21st century needs 21st century policing. The AirTag in your car will help us recover your vehicle if it is stolen. We will use our drones and StarChase technology to safely recover your stolen car. Help us help you, get an AirTag,” explained the police.


The amount of 500 free Apple AirTags for New Yorkers is quite small, and hopefully this program can reduce the number of car thefts in the city. [NM/HBS]