Take a Peek at Garmin Forerunner’s Technological Evolution Over 20 Years

Berikut Take a Peek at Garmin Forerunner’s Technological Evolution Over 20 Years
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – Currently, the Garmin Forerunner sports watch series has been around for 20 years, and presents various technologies on its devices to support its users’ sports activities.

Currently, Garmin Forerunner has reached 20 years and offers its users a variety of technologies to support sports activities.

Rian Krisna Country Manager of Garmin during the Media Gathering in Jakarta (13/04/2023) explained that the Forerunner series was first created with the aim of making sports support devices that are practical and easy to use, as well as to measure the user’s sports progress.


The Garmin Forerunner series first appeared in 2003 inspired by runner Claudette Stevenson strapping a GPS device she usually wears on her wrist, and from this came the Forerunner 201, which is rectangular in shape and rather large in size.

After that, the company conducted various studies, and in 2008 the Forerunner 405 was launched. This series features a design that looks like a regular watch and already uses optimized antenna technology, and users can access data, such as distance, speed, heart rate zone, and there is a virtual runner feature.

Continuing one year later, Garmin launched the Forerunner 310 XT which has water resistance, so it can be used for swimming. This series can track swimming distances into open water and features ANT+ wireless transmission, 20 day battery life, and external heart rate monitoring.

In 2010, Garmin innovated by offering the ability to track more than 100 performance and fitness activity metrics, as well as a large display and a barometric altimeter on the Forerunner 910XT.

With many applications of WiFi and Bluetooth technology, Garmin implemented these technologies in 2013 in the Forerunner 220/620, which has a colored screen, case, and band. In this series, the Running Dynamics feature is available, which measures ground contact time, stride rate, and vertical oscillation data.

In 2014, Garmin launched the first Forerunner 920XT that can sync data to a smartphone via Bluetooth. A year later, the Garmin Forerunner 235 features a band-based optical heart rate sensing technology that integrates heart rate data into a customizable training app.


Garmin is launching the Forerunner 255 and 955 in 2022. These watches are equipped with multi-band GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) to improve positioning accuracy and solar charging technology to allow continuous use of the watch throughout the day.

And now in its 20th year, Garmin has launched the Forerunner 265 and 965, which use AMOLED touch screen panels and offer various advantages, such as smoother, more colorful screen operation, along with a longer battery life.

Garmin itself in Indonesia already has official stores that are spread throughout the country. In commemoration of 20 years, Garmin offers promos of up to 25% discount for some of its products. [FY/HBS]