TikTok Has a Search Widget, Makes it Easy to Find Viral Videos!

Berikut TikTok Has a Search Widget, Makes it Easy to Find Viral Videos!
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iwanrj.com – Jakarta – TikTok launched a search widget feature on the Android and iOS applications, making it easier for users to search for interesting and viral video content via smartphones.

TikTok is currently not only considered as an application for sharing short videos. According to Google Senior President Prabhakar Raghavan, who heads Google’s knowledge and information unit, explains that young people search for information based on content, not keywords.

“We keep learning, time and time again, that new internet users don’t have the expectations and mindsets we’re used to. These users are less likely to type in keywords, but instead search for content in a new, more immersive way,” said Raghavan.


As a result, they prefer TikTok and Instagram, rather than Google Maps or Google Search to find information from smartphones.

“In our research, about 40% of young people, when looking for a place to have lunch, they didn’t open Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram,” he said.

Realizing this potential, TikTok launched a search feature on the HP main screen. It looks like the image below, if TikTok users can install a search widget on the smartphone’s main screen.

That way they just have to write certain words to find information, or they can also post content by pressing content Post. So is there FollowingAnd Inbox to check incoming messages.

How to display the search widget on TikTok, is quite easy. For iPhone users, press the home screen long enough for the icon to appear Jiggle Mode. Next tap the “+” button at the top left of the screen, and write TikTok in the column Search Widgets.

Next select the marked TikTok widget Searchand tap the blue button Add Widgets at the bottom of the screen. Once the widget is installed, tap the button done at the top right of the screen.

iOS TikTok Search Widget
TikTok Search Widget on iOS Phones

Meanwhile for Android users, open the home screen click long enough until 3 options appear, viz Wallpapers & styles, WidgetsAnd home settings and then select Widgets.

Type TikTok in the search field and you will see all the available TikTok widgets. Select widgets Searchthen long press on the widget and the widget will appear on the HP home screen.


Android TikTok Search Widget
TikTok Search Widget on Android

quoted Telset from PhoneArena on Monday (15/05/2023), the Search Widget on TikTok is gradually available to all Android and iOS users around the world. So please check your smartphone, whether this feature already exists or not. [NM/HBS]